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Situational awareness from connected vehicles

Obtaining reliable, usable and secure real-time video from vehicles when they are on the move is problematic as conventional video codecs are not designed for transmission over low bandwidth or constrained networks. Typically, image break-up or delay renders video feeds unusable, but our world leading EdgeVis Live technology offers real-time video streaming with none of these issues. It will transmit reliably and securely to multiple viewers simultaneously, even over constrained network for an improved view and intelligence-led response.

Our technology can be embedded into both covert and overt vehicles, recording in full HD from multiple cameras with live access to Digital Video Recordings (DVRs) without any blackspots. Combined with Edge-AI analytics including real-time facial recognition, LPR with live blacklists and object classification for specialist operations, users are equipped with a powerful 360-degree integrated surveillance through a single platform

360 degree surveillance from moving vehicles

Covert and overt vehicles recording in full HD from multiple cameras with live facial recognition, LPR and object classification for specialist operations.


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  • Stable streaming from moving vehicles
  • Streaming of high quality, low latency, real-time video and audio at ultra-low bandwidths
  • Covert and overt vehicles recording in full HD from multiple cameras
  • Real-time access to digital video recording through live playback, without waiting for return to base
  • Receive alerts and view real-time video and archived footage from ANPR systems
  • Highly secure and encrypted, while being fully interoperable with third-party devices
  • Combine with license plate recognition and automatic number plate recognition

Sonic Communications

Together with Digital Barriers we are able to embed cutting-edge covert and overt, mobile and static video surveillance and transmission solutions onto a large selection of vehicles for police, military, government and industrial sectors across the world.
Neil Barker, Managing Director

About EdgeVis Live

EdgeVis Live is our patented video codec technology. Originating from neural network research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the technology provides real-time video streaming over bandwidth-constrained or congested networks. From the outset, EdgeVis Live has been designed to ensure video can be delivered over wireless networks with under 0.5 second latency. Unlike standards-based codecs such as H.264 and MJPEG which struggle with the variability of bandwidth on wireless networks, EdgeVis Live actively monitors the bandwidth at each instant and using this information...

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About SmartVis SafeZone

SmartVis SafeZone, is our award-winning video analytics software, developed to overcome the limitations of both server-based and conventional edge-based intrusion-detection systems. It combines exceptional detection accuracy and false-alarm mitigation with automated installation and affordability. The technology can be used to highlight a range of security scenarios in real time, such as intrusions and loitering, and will discriminate between people, vehicles animals and poor weather conditions. The resulting intelligence can be used to prioritise operator time and attention. SmartVis...

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