The original
digital wall

A new approach to protecting vulnerable sites

When an early warning of illegal activity is essential to safeguarding borders, our cutting-edge and proven technology will provide a digital wall - delivering real-time intrusion alerts, with live video streaming, across all types of environment, including the most remote and hostile locations.

EdgeVis Shield, our integrated surveillance platform, protects against people trafficking, terrorist incursions or criminal activity on foot or in vehicles. It even guards against digging (counter IED) and microlights as people can’t go through, under or over our digital wall without detection. Combine with SmartVis SafeZone to deliver powerful analytics for even more accurate intrusion detection.

Our modular solutions combine rapidly deployable low-power sensors to monitor vulnerable sites including utilities, oil & gas and other critical national infrastructure. Power-efficiency, target classification, wireless networking and false alarm mitigation ensure reliable autonomous monitoring.

Digital walls

A unique approach to monitoring in remote environments beyond the capabilities of conventional measures


Key features
& benefits

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  • Rapidly deployable solutions to monitor vulnerable perimeters and remote infrastructure
  • Instant transmission of intrusion alerts to local/remote control rooms or mobile security units
  • Minimal false alarms to reduce security fatigue with the option to add visual confirmation
  • Ultra-efficient and secure video distribution from power-efficient surveillance integration hubs


As defence forces and forward-operating bases remain at constant risk from determined adversaries and increasingly unconventional tactics, Digital Barriers cutting-edge milspec technologies help us to detect and verify threats by providing real-time information and protection from anywhere at any time.

About EdgeVis Shield

Unattended ground sensors (UGS) form ​part of our EdgeVis Shield solution for monitoring and securing wide areas, remote assets and extended perimeters. The RDC unattended ground sensor (UGS) system combines an innovative, rapid-deployment design, exceptional power efficiency and accurate target detection and classification with intelligent wireless networking.​ Our sensors will reliably detect and classify people and vehicles, filtering out false alarms, and can be easily integrated with remote cameras and wireless surveillance hubs to form a complete integrated surveillance...

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About SmartVis SafeZone

SmartVis SafeZone, is our award-winning video analytics software, developed to overcome the limitations of both server-based and conventional edge-based intrusion-detection systems. It combines exceptional detection accuracy and false-alarm mitigation with automated installation and affordability. The technology can be used to highlight a range of security scenarios in real time, such as intrusions and loitering, and will discriminate between people, vehicles animals and poor weather conditions. The resulting intelligence can be used to prioritise operator time and attention. SmartVis...

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