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More organizations are turning to wireless as an alternative to the time-consuming and costly installation of wired surveillance cameras. Yet modern cellular networks, while ubiquitous and providing access to increasingly large bandwidths, pose a number of technological challenges for real-time surveillance. Variability in network coverage, as well as continuous fluctuations in available bandwidth, can often lead to break-ups or delays in video transmission. In addition, the data costs associated with cellular-based video can quickly become prohibitive for day-to-day operations.

With our safe city solution, there is no need to dig up roads or deploy vast amounts of cabling. We simply combine our cutting-edge wireless video streaming with new or existing camera technology, offering a secure end-to-end video capability, thats wireless and accredited to the highest standard.

Examples of suitable surveillance applications: city centers, industrial parks, sporting events, transportation hubs, major roads and critical national infrastructure.

Wireless Safe Cities

Resilient and secure real-time surveillance for a safer and smarter cities


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  • Deliver true real-time high-definition video, over any wireless network
  • Reduce operational costs, by using around 60% less data when streaming video compared to other wireless solutions
  • Be deployed in minutes, and redeployed just as easily and quickly
  • Provide exceptional environmental and low-light performance for multiple applications
  • Overcome the hurdle of streaming over congested and low bandwidth wireless networks
  • Be the video element into any IoT architecture
  • Combine with facial recognition to identify and confirm persons of interest on-demand

The O2, London

The use of facial recognition is proving to be a valuable enhancement to the security and safety of the venue, its guests and staff. The trials with Digital Barriers have been successful and we’re committed to creating a safe and secure venue for all our fans, staff and performers.
Paul Williams, Senior Security Manager at The O2

About SmartVis SafeZone

SmartVis SafeZone, is our award-winning video analytics software, developed to overcome the limitations of both server-based and conventional edge-based intrusion-detection systems. It combines exceptional detection accuracy and false-alarm mitigation with automated installation and affordability. The technology can be used to highlight a range of security scenarios in real time, such as intrusions and loitering, and will discriminate between people, vehicles animals and poor weather conditions. The resulting intelligence can be used to prioritise operator time and attention. SmartVis...

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About EdgeVis Live

EdgeVis Live is our patented video codec technology. Originating from neural network research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the technology provides real-time video streaming over bandwidth-constrained or congested networks. From the outset, EdgeVis Live has been designed to ensure video can be delivered over wireless networks with under 0.5 second latency. Unlike standards-based codecs such as H.264 and MJPEG which struggle with the variability of bandwidth on wireless networks, EdgeVis Live actively monitors the bandwidth at each instant and using this information...

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